Deliciously seductive power. (A clean, perfume scent)
Baby Powder Blue
The Smell of natural softness for baby's skin.
Baby Powder Pink
The Smell of natural softness for baby's skin.
Black Cherry
Plump, ripe black cherries, very powerful.
Cinammon Swirl
Powerful and spicy! A classic!
Clove Spice
A wonderful blend of clove and spices.
Creamy Vanilla
Creamy, sweet, a favorite for vanilla lovers.
The sweetened scent of ginger.
Flower Shop
Smells like a fresh floral bouquet.
French Rose
This rose is is touched with a hint of sweetness.
French Vanilla
A classic vanilla favorite.
Fresh Apple
Smells just like a fresh cut apple.
Fresh Peach
A freshly sliced bowl of peaches.
Green Tea
Soothing scent of warm green tea.
This Australian fruit is sweet and powerful, a favorite.
Lily of the Valley
Nice, airy floral scent of lily.
Morning Mist
Fresh, clean, juniper.
Moroccan Melon
This melon mixture is a favorite with a top note of honeydew melon.
Plump, ripe, sweet mulberries. A favorite.
Different and nice!
Pina Colada
A favorite Hawaiian drink with pineapples and coconut.
Vanilla Spice
Warm vanilla surrounded by cinnamon sticks.